Designed by photographers for photographers

We got tired of cutting holes in cheap hunting blinds too - so we started designing quality photography blinds that meet the needs of serious photographers. We've tried to think of everything you'll need to stay concealed and keep yourself and your subjects comfortable. Our goal is to make your job of creating great images easier. 

"I purchased a Tragopan V Plus Blind and erected it 6 months ago where it has been exposed to rain, hail and sunshine here in the Australian bush. Yesterday I dismantled the blind and I can report that there are no visible signs of wear and tear."   - John C. (Australia)

"I have been doing nature photography for well over 30 years and have used virtually every blind on the market. Lately I have just been building my own, but I think I am done with all that! You have thought of everything and put it together in a quality way. I have to tell you I was bit skeptical about how easy it would be to setup, but it is a dream. If anything, I just wish I had heard about your blinds a long time ago!"  - Steve Gettle

Tragopan V6 collection