Jess Findlay

"As a photographer who prefers to use a non-obtrusive approach whenever possible, blinds have become an important part of my workflow in the field. Blinds enable me to blend unnoticed into the world of many species of birds and other timid wildlife, and produce incomparable opportunities to observe unique, natural behaviors undisturbed. With that said, the process of setting up and working from hunting blinds in years past has been less than ideal. I now use Tragopan Blinds - their thoughtful designs made specifically for photographers has translated into better experiences in the field, and better images."  ~ Jess Findlay

Jess Findlay was born and raised near Vancouver, British Columbia where he developed a strong interest in the natural world through hiking and birdwatching excursions with his family in the wild Pacific Northwest. His interest in the outdoors evolved into a passion for artistically documenting living creatures and dramatic landscapes and in 2011, Jess was awarded the International Youth Photographer of the Year from Nature's Best Photography. Since then, Jess has gone on to be awarded in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and has had his work displayed at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC, the London Natural History Museum in the UK and the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, Canada. Jess has developed a unique style combining elements from both landscape and wildlife photography. He aims to create contextual images that speak to both the animal's and environment's story.


In addition to his wide ranging personal explorations as a photographer, Jess is a seasoned workshop leader and photography guide who excels at helping others pursue their photographic passion.

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