Steve Gettle

"I have been doing nature photography for well over 30 years and have used virtually every blind on the market. Unsatisfied with most of them, I eventually resorted to just building my own - but since Tragopan entered the picture I think I am done with all that! Tragopan has thought of everything a photographer needs and put it together in a quality package that sets up like a dream. If anything, I just wish Tragopan had been around a long time ago!"  ~ Steve Gettle



Over the course of his 30-year career, Steve Gettle has spent countless hours creating hundreds of thousands of photographs that capture nature’s beauty and communicate his love for the wildlife and wild places of our world. He has been honored to receive many awards for his photography including being chosen as Great Lakes Wildlife Photographer of the Year, a multiple award winner in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and is often recognized in the prestigious Nature’s Best photography contest. His images have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, including the Museum of Natural History in London, The American Museum of Natural History in New York, and two solo shows at The National Center for Nature Photography  

Steve especially enjoys sharing his knowledge through private and group location-based experiences focused on individual nature photography development in once-in-a-lifetime locations. In addition to his own photo tours and workshops Steve has also given presentations and led workshops for the North American Nature Photographers Association, Rocky Mountain School of Photography, The Adirondack Photography Institute, and The Photographic Society of America.


Steve Gettle is an engaging and inspiring speaker. Each year he presents his lecture series at regional and national photography conventions and events and speaks on a variety of topics. Additionally, his one-day nature photography seminar "The Art of Nature Photography” is both educational and entertaining.

Consider working with Steve to host his seminar in your area and check out his tours and workshops at the links below.

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